February 23, 2024
Qawa Darabi

Roamability selects ng-voice's Hyperscale IMS to enable VoLTE roaming services for its customers worldwide

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Roamability selects ng-voice's Hyperscale IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) to enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE) roaming services for its customers worldwide.

ng-voice announced that Roamability LCC has selected ng-voice’s Hyperscale IMS.

Roamability will deploy ng-voice’s Hyperscale IMS solution to take advantage of its infrastructure-agnostic, cost-efficient and automated design. By leveraging continuous updates and upgrades and quick introduction of new capabilities, and by eliminating the need of large hardware investments due to the low resource footprint of the ng-voice IMS solution, Roamability will deliver on its vision of affordable, trouble-free global roaming services for everyone who travels – whether for business or pleasure, in urban centers or remote corners of the world, regardless of equipment or network compatibilities. ng-voice will also provide comprehensive support services, including analysis, design, deployment and integration, and training, to help Roamability launch VoLTE roaming in 2024.

ng-voice developed the industry's first truly cloud-native IMS, the critical component to deploy VoLTE and VoNR (Voice Over New Radio). The solution is fully infrastructure-agnostic, cost-efficient and automated with highly automated deployment and operation processes, flexibility, and reliability to scale (up and down) with a minimal resource footprint.

Yehi Benshoshan, CEO of Roamability "We chose to work with ng-voice due to their responsiveness and approach to reduce voice production cost with their containerized small footprint IMS. This aligns with our aim to offer affordable, trouble-free global voice roaming services for everyone who travels. We needed a future proof solution that can scale up or down on demand for millions of daily travelers who need voice solution. Together with ng-voice we see a perfect fit to enhance voice quality and deliver lower voice production cost to our roamers globally.”

Qawa Darabi, Vice President Worldwide Sales at ng-voice, said, "We are honored to have been chosen by Roamability for our Hyperscale IMS to revolutionize VoLTE Roaming services on a global scale. By leveraging cloud-native and micro services technology, Roamability ensures affordable, hassle-free roaming for travelers worldwide. ng-voice's automated, cost-effective solution perfectly aligns with Roamability's vision of delivering superior voice quality while minimizing production costs."

About Roamability:  
Established in 2015, Roamability provides a unique Next-Gen eSIM platform-based solution that simplify global connectivity. Roamability was established to realize the vision of affordable, trouble-free global roaming services for everyone who travels – whether for business or pleasure, in urban centers or remote corners of the world, regardless of equipment or network compatibilities. Roamability has offered this vision, in the form of a comprehensive, high-quality, global roaming solution, to MNOs / MVNOs of and resellers. The company partners with operators and sponsors covering more than 700 networks and 195+ countries.

About ng-voice:
ng-voice GmbH – The hyperscale IMS solution: infrastructure-agnostic, cost-efficient, automated. ng-voice is committed to building the next generation of 100% software-based mobile networks, combining DevOps with telecommunications expertise. ng-voice’s fully containerized and cloud-native IMS has cloud DNA, is infrastructure agnostic, automated, AI-driven and offers a predictable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for mobile networks of any size.

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Qawa Darabi
VP, Sales Worldwide

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With over 20 years of sales, partnerships and technical experience within the telecommunications industry. Qawa currently is leading our growth and customer success strategy as Vice President - Sales Worldwide.

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