The Hyperscale
IMS Solution


Sameer Vuyyuru

Head of Worldwide Telco BD
"One of the biggest challenges we hear from telecom operators and AWS Partners is how to support more customers in a cost-effective, and affordable way. By taking advantage of ng-voice’s cloud-native IMS and HSS on AWS, Surf Telecom now has a flexible, scalable solution to improve voice and connectivity services for millions of customers across Brazil".

Nazim Benhadid

Chief Technology Officer
"We’ve teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Samsung Networks and ng-voice to enable a roaming experience that is more reliable and faster than ever. Rather than the traditional method of routing voice, data and SMS through Canada, this revolutionary approach will house our network in AWS Regions worldwide."

Geoff Hollingworth

“ng-voice is an important example of the nascent ecosystem we need to embrace as an industry. […] They recently demonstrated their fully automated deployment flow, minutes not weeks. I recommend you speak to ng-voice. We are …”

Abdel Ibrahim

Principal Architect Telecom
"Thank you ng-voice for this demonstration to the industry how telco network functions can live in the cloud-native era. Great joint efforts by ng-voice and Google Cloud."

David Fraga

"We chose to work with ng-voice and AWS because their cloud-first approach fits perfectly with our aim to massively transform the lives of millions of underserved Brazilians... with secure, reliable, cost-efficient and low-footprint communication services.

Yoram Zerahia

“Adding native voice to our offering has become a crucial demand by our clients. With ng-voice we have found just the right partner for our IoT business: reliable, cost-effective, flexible with a high level of automation and can scale on demand.”

→ Our IMS solution is designed to work on any infrastructure layer. Whether you want to deploy the IMS solution on bare metal, on your private cloud or on a public cloud. The solution is also integrated with all types of orchestration layers. Whatever your infrastructure solution is, ng-voice will make it work.

→ Our objective is to lower your voice production costs in 4G/5G networks. Our infrastructure-agnostic IMS is designed to reduce your TCO by at least 80% due to our low resource footprint requiring less hardware than legacy solutions and our high levels of automation, allowing you to run your voice services much more efficiently. In addition, our commercial models are flexible and transparent.

→ We offer an easy-to-operate IMS solution with automated workflows, unparalleled deployment time, and simplified life-cycle-management. Our resource footprint of less than 25 MB per container reduces our resource footprint up to 80% compared to legacy solutions.


In partnership with AWS

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The Hyperscale
IMS Solution

ng-voice IMS Core


ng-voice IMS Application Servers


ng-voice ePDG/AAA


ng-voice PCRF

Policy and Charging Function (PCRF)

ng-voice HSS

HSS (Home Subscriber Server)

Control Tower

The IMS command center


Powered by Kubernetes

ng-voice control tower for managing your IMS end-to-end

The ng-voice control tower enables you to deploy, integrate, test, monitor, and troubleshoot the ng-voice IMS solution, all from one simple web interface. It features a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see all relevant KPIs as well as the status of your installed components, a simple and highly automated workflow for deployment and testing, as well as interactive documentation and support features.

ng-voice’s IMS recognized as the best VoLTE Solution

Our IMS won the Best VoLTE Solution Recognition Award at the 6th Carrier Community-Global Awards, celebrating innovations in the global telecom wholesale sector.
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The Hyperscale IMS Solution: Highlights

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→ less resources required and lower total cost of ownership


→ or less for all containers in our IMS solution


→ infrastructure-agnostic


→ compliance in all components

Full tier-1

→ feature set


→ support with local touch

“With no circuit-switched voice to fall back on, VoLTE services will be more than a ‘nice to have’. They will be required for voice roaming and essential to the commercialisation of 5G.”
—  GSMA Intelligence 2022 —

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Hyperscale IMS Solution