ng-voice works with customers of all sizes - from tier-1 operators to private networks. The ng-voice solution is the perfect fit for all types of deployments.

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“ng-voice is an important example of the nascent ecosystem we need to embrace as an industry. […] They recently demonstrated their fully automated deployment flow, minutes not weeks. I recommend you speak to ng-voice. We are …”

Geoff Hollingworth, CMO

“Thank you ng-voice for this demonstration to the industry how telco network functions can live in the cloud-native era. Great joint efforts by ng-voice and Google Cloud.”

Abdel Ibrahim, Principal Architect Telecom

“This collaboration is a blend of capabilities powered by Infosys Cobalt and our expertise in the domain and ng-voice’s geographical presence that fast-track adoption of cloud-native network solutions among telcos across Europe. The success of this engagement can be a real game-changer for both Infosys and ng-voice in the 5G era.”

Balakrishna D. R (Bali), Executive Vice President

“At Casa Systems, we build disruptive, innovative solutions that deliver new levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability required for next-generation networks. We’re excited to partner with ng-voice, a leader in IMS core technology and introduce new revenue-generating opportunities to our customers.”

Gibson Ang, Vice President of Technology and Product Management

“Native voice for IoT devices is mission-critical today to ensure reliable connectivity in particular in emergency situations. ng-voice’s product portfolio and value proposition is just ideal for the traffic profile of IoT devices.”

Maciej Kranz, CTO

“Adding native voice to our offering has become a crucial demand by our clients. With ng-voice we have found just the right partner for our IoT business: reliable, cost-effective, flexible with a high level of automation and can scale on demand.”

Yoram Zerahia, CTO

Mobile Network Operators

Voice revenue is experiencing a decline for operators worldwide, while new revenue streams are needed by offering additional services. At the same time, cloud technologies have emerged as a crucial business differentiator enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to achieve significant cost savings. Addressing these challenges, ng-voice offers a cloud-native IMS solution that perfectly aligns with the needs of MNOs. One of the key advantages of ng-voice's solution is its cost-effectiveness, achieved through a minimal resource footprint. Moreover, the solution is highly flexible, allowing operators to build services on top of the IMS. ng-voice serves as a capable delivery partner, ensuring a seamless implementation of these services. Finally, ng-voice's solution is fully cloud-native, enabling operators to fully leverage the benefits of cloud technology. This includes features like auto-scaling, auto-healing, and comprehensive CI/CD practices. Whether you seek a new, flexible IMS solution to support subscriber growth or aim to embark on your VoLTE journey, ng-voice is the ideal partner to accompany you.

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Mobile Virtual Network Operators

The deployment of VoLTE is no longer optional; it has become a necessity. With the switch-off of 2G/3G networks in some countries and the widespread adoption of 5G technology, fallback options have become more complicated. As a result, Mobile Virtual Network Operators are searching for cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-deploy VoLTE/VoNR solutions. ng-voice is an ideal partner that provides highly transparent and low CAPEX commercials, rapid deployment within four months, and award-winning technology, including cloud-native benefits such as auto-healing and high automation. If you are seeking a partner to embark on your VoLTE/VoNR journey, ng-voice is the perfect fit.

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IoT Connectivity Provider

IoT use cases are predominantly data-driven, but there are several scenarios where native voice is crucial. For instance, emergency calls in cars and elevators, or voice-enabled health and security devices. It's projected that approximately 20% of IoT connections will require native voice, which can be provided through an IMS. ng-voice offers an exceptional IMS that is well-suited for this purpose, owing to its superior resource efficiency. It utilizes 80% fewer resources than conventional vendors and has a commercial model that caters to both small and large-scale deployments. This approach offers maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness when integrating voice into your network.

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Private Networks

Private networks are on the rise globally, oftentimes leveraging 5G technology to provide connectivity in sensitive areas. ng-voice’s solution is fully 5G ready, having deployed our VoNR technology in several networks. ng-voice’s architecture is fit to meet the requirements of private networks – easily scalable, highly automated, and easy to deploy (also as part of a E2E private network solution). The commercials also work for small deployments, often a major pain point for private network operators.

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“With no circuit-switched voice to fall back on, VoLTE services will be more than a ‘nice to have’. They will be required for voice roaming and essential to the commercialisation of 5G.”

— GSMA Intelligence 2022

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