ng-voice works with customers of all sizes - from tier-1 operators to private networks.
The ng-voice solution is the perfect fit for all types of deployments.


Voice revenue declines globally for operators, necessitating new revenue streams through additional services. Cloud technologies offer cost savings and business differentiation for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). ng-voice provides a cloud-native IMS solution tailored to MNO needs, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and flexibility. With seamless implementation and full cloud-native capabilities including auto-scaling and CI/CD practices, ng-voice is the ideal partner for subscriber growth and VoLTE initiatives.


VoLTE deployment is now imperative, especially with 2G/3G network shutdowns and the rise of 5G. Mobile Virtual Network Operators need cost-effective, flexible VoLTE/VoNR solutions. ng-voice offers transparent pricing, rapid deployment in four months, and award-winning cloud-native technology with auto-healing. For your VoLTE/VoNR journey, ng-voice is the perfect partner.


IoT use cases often rely on data, but native voice is crucial in scenarios like emergency calls in cars, elevators, or voice-enabled health and security devices. About 20% of IoT connections will need native voice, achievable through an IMS. ng-voice's IMS stands out for its resource efficiency, using up to 80% fewer resources than competitors. Its flexible commercial model suits both small and large-scale deployments, offering maximum cost-effectiveness. Get started integrating voice into your network now.


Private networks, increasingly using 5G, rely on ng-voice's fully 5G-ready solution. With VoNR technology deployed in multiple networks, ng-voice offers easily scalable, highly automated architecture tailored to private network needs. Our commercials are flexible, addressing the pain points of small deployments, making us the ideal choice for private network operators.

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