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ng-voice. A story of VoIP specialists, open-source pioneers, innovation and operational excellence.

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"Thank you ng-voice for this demonstration to the industry how telco network functions can live in the cloud-native era. Great joint efforts by ng-voice and Google Cloud."

"One of the biggest challenges we hear from telecom operators and AWS Partners is how to support more customers in a cost-effective, and affordable way. By taking advantage of ng-voice’s cloud-native IMS and HSS on AWS, Surf Telecom now has a flexible, scalable solution to improve voice and connectivity services for millions of customers across Brazil.".

We chose to work with ng-voice and AWS because their cloud-first approach fits perfectly with our aim to massively transform the lives of millions of underserved Brazilians… with secure, reliable, cost-efficient and low footprint communication services. ​We need a future-proof solution that can scale on demand…Together with ng-voice and AWS, we see a perfect fit to enhance voice quality and deliver lower voice production cost to our customers.​

“ng-voice is an important example of the nascent ecosystem we need to embrace as an industry. […] They recently demonstrated their fully automated deployment flow, minutes not weeks. I recommend you speak to ng-voice. We are …”

“At Casa Systems, we build disruptive, innovative solutions that deliver new levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability required for next-generation networks. We’re excited to partner with ng-voice, a leader in IMS core technology and introduce new revenue-generating opportunities to our customers.”

“Native voice for IoT devices is mission-critical today to ensure reliable connectivity in particular in emergency situations. ng-voice’s product portfolio and value proposition is just ideal for the traffic profile of IoT devices.”

“Adding native voice to our offering has become a crucial demand by our clients. With ng-voice we have found just the right partner for our IoT business: reliable, cost-effective, flexible with a high level of automation and can scale on demand.”


ng-voice. A story of VoIP specialists, open-source pioneers, innovation and operational excellence

ng-voice has focused on turning our IMS core into the most cloud-native IMS solution in the market, being fully containerized and deployed with Kubernetes. We have also developed and launched several 100% cloud-native virtual network functions in addition to the IMS core, such as our application servers and ePDG. Basit is leading ng-voice’s cloud-native transformation, delivering a very unique value proposition for our solutions, with the smallest container sizes, a high level of automation, and efficient use of resources.

Abdul Basit Alvi
Chief Technologist Cloud and Virtualization

In addition, ng-voice has invested in new technologies, cutting-edge companies and partnerships, and has recruited an A-team of experts coming from the most relevant telecom players and also from the research field, such as Johanna, that joined the company bringing her experience in 5G Core research.

Johanna Lämmel
Software Development Lead

ng-voice is committed to the quality of its products and services, heavily investing in testing so that our solutions are also the most reliable. Vividha joined ng-voice in 2020 and was responsible for setting up and lead our team of test engineers, automating our testing processes.

Vividha Singh
VP of QA, Security, and Customer Experience

Our all-star team combines years of operational experience at operators of different sizes, including:


Meet our leadership team

Dr. David Bachmann

David is a lawyer by training and a former Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company. He joined ng-voice in 2019 as CEO and shareholder with a focus on ng-voice’s commercialization and growth strategy. David focuses on our sales & business development efforts, long-term strategy as well as our partnerships and investor relations. He is the Founder and Co-President of the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Innovators (EANGTI).

Carsten Bock
Founder, CTIO

With 20+ years of experience in VoIP and IMS, Carsten led the development and implementation of the first IMS/ VoLTE platform at Telefonica in Germany and was a senior member of the Kamailio management team, developing the IMS extensions in Kamailio. He founded ng-voice in 2011 because he wanted to develop a flexible alternative to existing IMS solutions in the market. As Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Carsten focuses his time on developing radical solutions to telco’s problems and pushing ng-voice’s innovation agenda.

Quirin Maderspacher

As ng-voice's Chief Operating Officer, Quirin is in charge of our customer deployments, our support infrastructure, as well as our people and finance functions. He joined ng-voice in 2021, previously working at McKinsey & Company where he focused amongst others on strategies of cloud service providers in different industry verticals.

Abdul Basit Alvi
Chief Technologist Cloud & VP of Product

With vast experience in virtualizing the mobile core of tier-1 operators and developing cloud-native solutions, Basit has implemented Pakistan’s first fully virtualized IMS to launch VoLTE functionalities at Telenor. Now at ng-voice, his main priority is ensuring that ng-voice’s IMS remains the most cloud-native IMS in the market. He is in charge of the ng-voice product roadmap and is in touch with the technical leadership of our customers to ensure we solve their most pressing business problems.

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Qawa Darabi
VP of Sales Worldwide

With 20+ years of sales, partnerships, and technical experience within the telco industry, Qawa joins ng-voice to lead our growth and customer success strategy as Vice President – Sales Worldwide. Amongst others and in his previous roles, Qawa established Ericsson’s Cloud and NFV business and Nokia’s Cloud, NFV and Data Center services sales in APAC. He joins ng-voice from Windriver, where he served as head of telco sales for strategic global accounts.

Behnam Hooshiarkashani
VP of Engineering

With his 11+ years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge in DevOps, Kubernetes, Helm Charts, and Ansible, Behnam leads the ng-voice engineering team. He ensures our software development, quality assurance team as well as cloud native engineers collaborate together to deliver our product roadmap whilst staying in close touch with the customer. 

Pieter Knikkink
VP of Alliances and Partnerships

With his 20+ years of international experience in the Telecom Industry, leading business development at Nokia, Pieter joined ng-voice in 2022. He focuses on expanding our alliances and partnerships in the industry, which are instrumental in ng-voice’s growth strategy. He works with technology partners such as Google and aws, as well as portfolio partners to ensure we can deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Oscar Posada
VP of Sales Caribbean and Latin America (CALA)

With 20 years of international professional experience in the telco industry, Oscar leads ng-voice sales and business development activities in CALA. Oscar started his career at Nokia and Huawei where he honed his technical and commercial acumen and then joined Affirmed Networks and has built their business in the CALA area from scratch. Oscar is located in Mexico City.

Stefan Frank
Head of Deployment

After working at several startups and research initiatives in the telco space, Stefan joined ng-voice in 2017. He is today working as ng-voice’s Head of Deployment, where he ensures prompt and high-quality project delivery as well as outstanding 24/7 customer support for our clients to ensure highest industry standards for our solution. .

Mohan Prasath Marimuthu
Quality Assurance Lead Load & Functional Execution

With 11+ years of experience in QA positions and extensive knowledge in VoIP, SIP, IMS, and programming languages, he focuses on ng-voice’s load testing, stability, and reliability efforts.

Margareta Cucli-lane
Head of People and Culture

As the Head of People and Culture, Margareta is responsible for overseeing crucial HR functions. She manages the entire recruitment process, supports team leaders in their employees' development, guarantees regulatory compliance, and collaborates with executive management. Margareta is responsible for managing events, social functions, human resources policies, as well as the feedback system, showcasing her crucial role in promoting a constructive organizational culture at ng-voice.

Hamed Amini
Cloud Native Team Lead

Hamed is the Cloud Team Lead at ng-voice and shapes the company's cloud agenda and ensures ng-voice delivers on the promise of full cloud nativity. He pushes the agenda with our cloud partners, ensures our cloud native architecture includes the most innovative industry developments, and focuses on the full implementation of the company’s CI/CD flow in operations, allowing operators to take full advantage of cloud-native principles.

Lukas Stermann
Software Architecture Team Lead

Lukas grew up within ng-voice, starting as a working student, until he became the lead of the software architecture team. He actively codes and performs integration testing of software, ensuring proper and efficient execution while adhering to business and technical requirements. Lukas also participates in code review sessions to validate adherence to development standards. His expertise and guidance contribute to the team's success and the delivery of high-quality software solutions.

Tej Singh Rana
Software Engineering Team Lead

With 15+ years as a software engineer, Tej guides his team in following engineering best practices and embarking on an exciting product journey. He collaborates with the QA team to ensure applications meet specifications and technical requirements. Tej presents and defends architectural and technical choices, conducts integration testing, and participates in code review sessions. He provides system analysis to the C-level, trains junior engineers and drives a customer-centric approach to product evolution.

Jun Zhou
Head of Commercial and Contract Management

Jun, with over 14 years of experience in telecommunications contracts, leads as the Head of Commercial and Contract Management. He drives growth by developing and implementing commercial strategies aligned with company goals. His expertise and leadership propel the company's growth and reinforce its position in the telecommunications industry.

Mohamad Salah
Cloud Deployment Lead

Mohamad, as the Liaison between the Cloud and Deployment teams, facilitates seamless communication and coordination between engineering and deployment. His expertise in cloud technology and deployment processes drives improvements, automation initiatives, and technical documentation. Mohamad serves as the go-to contact for deployment issues, resolves technical challenges, and ensures successful deployments for key clients. His contributions optimize operations and enhance the overall deployment experience, resulting in client satisfaction and organizational success.

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