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Fully containerized IMS
for VoLTE and VoNR

Our flagship product is a fully containerized and cloud-native IMS, which is the first 100% containerized and Kubernetes-based solution for VoLTE/VoNR, with a container image size of less than 25MB. It's ideal for operators looking to future-proof their 4G/5G networks while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment. Our solution offers the full suite of IMS features, ensuring that our clients can take advantage of the latest advancements in this space. Additionally, our products are infrastructure agnostic, meaning they can be easily deployed on any cloud platform.

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“With no circuit-switched voice to fall back on, VoLTE services will be more than a ‘nice to have’. They will be required for voice roaming and essential to the commercialisation of 5G.”

— GSMA Intelligence 2022