June 27, 2024
Abdul Basit Alvi

Generative AI for cloud-native IMS operations, with TELUS

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Traditionally, managing the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) has been a major challenge for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), as it has often been seen as an overly complex architectural framework with limited added value compared to the complexity of operating it. CSPs have always faced challenges with manual, tedious operations, and network management, as well as the time-consuming nature of fault detection and resolution. Combined with the significant infrastructure footprint of voice workloads, this keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO) high, exacerbating concerns about declining voice revenues, especially with the advent of VoLTE and VoNR services.


At ng-voice, we are reversing this trend by changing the way CSPs manage their voice network infrastructure. Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and TELUS, we have demonstrated how to make network operations faster, more efficient and with minimal manual intervention.


The answer lies at the intersection of ng-voice's truly cloud-native IMS, built for the cloud, and generative AI. The demo of this innovative solution focused on on-demand observability, real-time alerting of fault occurrences and closed-loop operations, which are crucial for maintaining VoLTE services.


The demo

Building on the flexibility of ng-voice's Hyperscale IMS, generative AI unlocks a new level of network management for TELUS. The solution architecture shows how a cloud-native IMS combined with cloud-native AI enables the closed loop. There are two types of streams: on-demand observability, which allows understanding what is happening on the network, and closed-loop operations, which enables the activation of recovery and mitigation plans on the network.

The high-level architecture of the demo

On-demand observability means that users can submit natural language queries, which are then transformed by the Large Language Models (LLM)into specific SQL queries and presented to the user in a readable format.

SQL query results on the current state of the network

The second part of the demo showed how AI triggers instant alerts when issues arise within the network, enabling faster resolution. The chatbot interface enables natural language conversations to diagnose issues, ask questions, and even initiate corrective actions.

For example, if TELUS experienced a network connectivity issue, it would traditionally require a manual investigation that could potentially take hours to identify and resolve. With this new system, generative AI can analyse the situation, summarize the problem, suggest solutions, and even implement them, all in a conversational format.

Chatbot showing the status of nodes

Benefits of this solution

ng-voice's cloud-native IMS solution, empowered by generative AI, enables TELUS to achieve significant cost reductions by streamlining troubleshooting processes and automating actions that minimize downtime and optimize resource allocation. AI-driven detection and resolution of network issues, coupled with real-time insights and reporting via natural language interactions, ensures faster problem resolution, reduced outages, and improved network management efficiencies for CSPs. This evolving technology has immense potential to revolutionize the future of voice network management, particularly for VoLTE services. At ng-voice, we are committed to pioneering the beginnings of AI in cloud-native telco environments.

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Abdul Basit Alvi
Chief Technologist Cloud

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With vast experience in virtualizing the mobile core of network operators and developing cloud-native solutions, Basit has implemented Pakistan’s first fully virtualized IMS to launch VoLTE capabilities in tier-1 operators. Abdul Basit is passionate about cloud, automation and Dev-Ops tools and enjoys his time off exploring new cities and towns.

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