December 15, 2022
Pieter Knikkink

ng-voice and Google Cloud launch joint whitepaper: Automation and cloud-nativity

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ng-voice and Google Cloud launch joint whitepaper exploring the automation benefits brought by cloud-native network solutions.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for telcos to deploy their services differently. With the importance of efficiency, agility, flexibility, and reliability rising, new technology can allow telcos to keep pace with these changing and increasing demands.

To explore these challenges and how cloud-native solutions can help telcos to leverage automation and unlock true competitive advantages, ng-voice and Google Cloud launch today a whitepaper called Automation and Cloud-Nativity, which can be downloaded here.

Automation is a frequently used term in technology, and many providers in the wider IT space are leveraging it to improve overall service quality. In fact, more than 30% of organizations foster automation across five or more departments.

For telcos who are often held back by legacy infrastructure, automation could be the answer to modernising operations and streamlining the overall deployment process.

However, automation alone does not make a modern telco. Indeed, automation must be supported and surrounded by other new technologies and approaches to really see telcos reap their rewards. Cloud-native development is one approach that aligns ideally with automation and as mentioned in this article by Nephio, this approach is critical to realizing the promise of cloud transformation.

In our whitepaper ‘Automation and cloud-nativity’, we aim to outline how cloud-nativity and automation can be used together to benefit the modern telco, by exploring:

  • How automation unlocks the true potential of cloud-nativity

  • The benefits of using cloud-nativity and automation hand-in-hand for both operators and subscribers

  • The importance of automation within a CI/CD pipeline.

Download the whitepaper

Download here

Get to know more about how ng-voice’s fully containerized and cloud-native IMS, which utilizes automation, can support your organization in delivering VoLTE and VoNR services in or contacting our team at

Pieter Knikkink
VP Alliances and Partnerships

Publisher Bio

Pieter is a veteran telecommunications professional with over 20 years of experience in various roles around the world. Prior to joining ng-voice, Pieter worked at Nokia in various roles around the world. In 2022, he joined ng-voice and currently is the VP of Partnerships and Alliances. He is responsible for managing and nurturing the company's relationships with key partners and driving strategic alliances that enable ng-voice to grow and expand its business.

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