February 20, 2024
Quirin Maderspacher

ng-voice and AWS launch joint whitepaper: Taking the legacy costs out of voice - why should IMS move to the public cloud?

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ng-voice and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launch joint whitepaper on how you can take the legacy cost out of voice with public cloud solutions.

As communication habits evolve, the volume of native voice calls is falling and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. This shift is causing consumer mobile voice revenues to decline, despite a growing global user base. In contrast, mobile data consumption continues to grow exponentially. In the midst of these changes, there remains a critical need for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to adapt their voice services to meet evolving demands while minimising costs.

Native voice calls over 4G/5G networks are expected to last for decades due to consumer expectations, regulatory requirements and emerging use cases. However, CSPs face challenges in reducing production costs, migrating from legacy networks and launching new revenue-generating services. This white paper examines the need for CSPs to migrate their IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to the public cloud, which offers a solution to address the challenges of the current landscape and capitalise on opportunities for innovation and cost reduction.

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Quirin Maderspacher

Publisher Bio

Joining us from McKinsey & Company where he served as a senior engagement manager, taking on digital topics (digital identity and hyperscaler portfolios) at the intersection of the private and public sectors. Quirin joined ng-voice as Chief of Staff to lead the establishment of standardized and lean processes across the company, drive strategic initiatives and help in the organizational structure.

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