November 21, 2022
Varun Jain

Placing cloud-native solutions at the heart of private network deployments

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Private networks are steadily gaining ground as operators, enterprises and private providers set their sights on the opportunities cloud-native solutions bring about. Having a dedicated private network brings with it a new realm of possibilities, underpinned by enhanced connectivity. Add to this, the prospect of new revenue generation through better solutions, products, or offerings by the operator, enterprise, or private network provider, and arguably private networks could have several value-added benefits. But deploying a successful private network is no easy feat—it requires the right solutions, both at the core of the network, and at the edge; the right partners, who embrace the same ways of working and strive towards a common goal; and importantly, the right application or use case. At ng-voice, we believe that the key to private network success lies in embracing cloud-native principles. A private network—by definition—is there to give the end customer greater flexibility and agility over their connectivity solution, enabling them to push the limits of their organization and embrace new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase their productivity. Moving to cloud-native principles when building and deploying a private network will help operators, enterprises, and private network operators enabling this agility and their end-customers to benefit from the many opportunities set to be unlocked by private networking. 

So what do these principles look like?

First, cloud-nativity is about being cloud-agnostic. Solutions should be deployable on any infrastructure, whether private (bare metal) or public cloud. Second, solutions should embrace a CI/CD approach whereby automation is implemented throughout integration, delivery, and deployment. Third, cloud-native solutions must be scalable and adapt capacity loads accordingly, as well as provide load balancing and service discovery. Finally, continuing to put automation at the heart of cloud-nativity, such solutions must be self-healing to identify and replace failed components to maximize and maintain service availability at all times. But cloud-nativity isn’t simply a set of principles, it’s also a culture, and a mindset. It must be embraced across the entire organization, across entire teams. In a private network scenario, where multiple partners come together to deploy a single solution, being aligned on cloud-nativity principles can bring significant benefits to the end solution and end customer.

An IMS core fit for purpose

By embracing the principles of cloud-nativity and containerization, our fully containerized cloud-native IMS solution brings to private network deployments greater scalability, being able to scale resources up or down, according to changing needs and requirements. In addition, our solution delivers increased efficiency thanks to the automation embedded in the delivery of our voice services—human intervention is significantly reduced therefore reducing the risk of disruption, and the management of voice applications is made easier and quicker. Finally, our solution is also more cost-effective thanks to our deployment model and use of cloud-native technologies. For private network deployments, in which voice is still a key requirement, being able to make cost-savings without compromising on the quality of service will be an important factor in selecting the right partner. To find out more about ng-voice and how its fully containerized cloud-native IMS solution could be the ideal choice for your private network deployment, write to visit our website, or follow us on LinkedIn to know more about what we do.

Varun Jain
Customer Solution Architect

Publisher Bio

Varun Jain is a Customer Solutions Architect for the Sales Team, he has over 16 years of experience in telecom industry, working for companies like Ericsson, India Global services PVT LTD and NOKIA.

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