True cloud-nativity requires true collaboration: how we’re working with Red Hat to deliver our IMS core on OpenShift

Across the world, operators are reviewing their systems and solutions to become more agile, flexible, and scalable. The arrival of 5G means operators need to think about new ways of providing existing services while meeting the CAPEX and OPEX pressures of this next generation of wireless technology. This shift is permeating to voice services, which remain an integral aspect of the mobile experience.


Here at ng-voice, we’re bringing voice services into the future with our fully containerized, Kubernetes-based, cloud-agnostic, VoLTE/VoNR IMS core. Our solution is changing how operators think about voice services by optimizing deployment time through our microservices architecture, small container size (less than 25MB—the smallest in the industry), and minimal resource footprint.


But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to optimizing deployment time, we’re always looking at ways to leverage industry partnerships to make it easier for our operator customers to use and maintain our IMS core.


That’s why today, we’re announcing that our IMS core is now a vendor-validated cloud-native network function (CNF) for Red Hat OpenShift and is available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. Through this collaboration, our operator customers will be able to deploy ng-voice’s IMS core more easily on OpenShift, streamlining the deployment, development, and maintenance of the application.


According to Abdul Basit Alvi, ng-voice’s Chief Technologist Cloud and Virtualization, OpenShift makes the process of deployment and testing the solution easier, which has facilitated product development. “Using Red Hat OpenShift, we were able to more quickly deploy our containerized IMS core, perform tests, scale, and perform automatic health checks. The user interface is very helpful to visualize and effectively manage the resources in each cluster”, he said.


Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director of Global Telco Technical Development at Red Hat, also commented: “We are pleased to collaborate with ng-voice to validate its IMS core on Red Hat OpenShift. Deploying a cloud-native IMS Core with OpenShift can bring the benefits of service agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to communications service providers”.


We’re excited to be working with Red Hat to further reinforce our commitment to providing truly cloud-native and containerized solutions. Through this collaboration, we can help operators worldwide deploy mobile networks that are more flexible, cost-efficient, and future-proofed.


To know more, visit ng-voice’s profile in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog by clicking here. And to find out more about ng-voice’s solutions, visit our website.


*Red Hat, the Red Hat logo, and OpenShift are trademarks or registered trademarks of Red Hat, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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