TADhack: Kamailio Open Source VoLTE presenation

The world of telecommunication services provided by the ng-voice GmbH offers smooth effective performance and creates unforgettable experiences. Get a firsthand expertise by watching the CEO and Founder of ng-voice GmbH Carsten Bock explaining the mechanisms of VoLTE and Kamailio at the TADhack.

Participating at the TADhack in London, Mr. Carsten Bock put into layman’s terms to the broad audience, what the advantages of using Voice over LTE are. If you are excited about reducing the spectrum, providing high quality communication services disregarding the data coverage and cutting the expenditures due to scalability and flexibility, this video will ensure that reaching the goals described below has become possible. It will give you the short explanation and draw a great example of how the turn-key solution of VoLTE works. Would you like to discover more?

Stay tuned with the latest technological breakthroughs in the world of communication with Carsten Bock’s live report from London, UK.


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