Say goodbye to slow Wi-Fi forever with WiGig

WiGig is a new Wi-Fi standard that leads to 10 times faster wireless internet connections.

Let`s see how WiGig will revolutionize our lives.


What is WiGig and how does it work?

WiGig stands for Wireless Gigabit Alliance, a trade association that was subsumed by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2013. The WiGig technology allows communication at multi-gigabit speeds without wires. This innovation was announced as far back as 2009.

While current Wi-Fi uses the crowded 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, WiGig operates at a frequency of 60GHz, an unlicensed band that is mostly unused by current technologies. As a result, data speed reaches up to 8 Gbps and signal covers the distance of up to 10 metres.


What are the benefits?

Actually, WiGig will act as a complement to existing Wi-Fi rather than a replacement for it, and will provide extremely fast, low-latency wireless internet connection. Thus, WiGig’s data speed of up to 8 Gbps is enough to download an HD movie in just a few seconds.

Moreover, low-latency means that WiGig is extremely responsive. Such wireless communications technology will be in demand for public areas, as parks, squares, shopping malls as well as for indoor and outdoor sporting arenas.


What are the drawbacks?

Thanks to WiGig’s 60GHz frequency band it uses a shorter wavelength, which means that it doesn’t travel through walls or other surfaces – including people. Instead, the signal works best within a single room. So the signal has a one-room range.

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Nadiia Gunko