Mert tells us about his experience joining ng-voice’s team

Hello! My name is Mert and I am going to tell you about my experience joining ng-voice. I am 27 years old, and I come from Istanbul, Turkey. At the beginning of my career, I worked as a Software Engineer for two years and have been working as a DevOps Engineer for over a year. I recently started my new role and joined the ng-voice team as a DevOps Engineer in the Hamburg office.

My experience arriving to ng-voice’s Hamburg office

Overall, my experience arriving in Germany and to ng-voice went really smoothly as I got a lot of help from the team, especially with my Visa process. When everything was set up, I just took a week’s vacation to move to Hamburg and start knowing this new city so I could start at ng-voice on May 15th.


On my first day, my nice starter kit was waiting for me at my desk and everyone was very welcoming. I had the fortune of starting the very same day as our new Onboarding specialist, so it was very nice to have her help during my first weeks.

I met my teammates and then started my technical onboarding, it was really nice as everything from my team and others was documented, so I was able to finish it in 2 weeks and got hands on my first task which I completed by June.

DevOps Engineer mert experience in Hamburg Office

Getting settled in a new city

I needed to get a lot of things done on my first days and with the help of the team, and because I did a lot of previous research (Personal blogs and videos), I managed to get my SIM Card, bank account, and my Anmeldung in just 3 days.

As I did a lot of research before coming to Germany, I knew I had to start looking for an apartment before I got to Hamburg, so I did. From Istanbul, I searched, created my cover letter (Bewerbungsunterlagen), refreshed and refreshed the best websites for apartment search, applied for apartments, and finally, I had an apartment by the time I got to Germany.

My experience at ng-voice so far

Overall, my experience at ng-voice in Hamburg has been great. I like living by the water (it’s just like the canals in Istanbul), I arrived with the great summer weather and found a great place to live. The people at ng-voice are really open-minded, I love working with my team and I am excited to learn and exchange experiences with them.

For the near future, I’m eager to start my A1 German course in august as part of the benefits ng-voice gives to us as employees in Germany. This will help me adapt to the city and practice my German, as I continue focusing on my development as a DevOps Engineer at ng-voice.

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Mert Dogan

DevOps Engineer

Publisher Bio

Mert Dogan is a DevOps Engineer for the Cloud Native Team at ng-voice. He has over 3 years of experience as a Software and DevOps Engineer, working for companies like SAP and Trendyol Group (Alibaba) in Turkey.

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