Kamailio for Building IMS Core Platforms and VoLTE

Installing IMS is a very important, yet a rather comprehensive topic. In this video, Carsten Bock performs the basic setup and installation of VoLTE with Kamailio: from defining the DNS-zone to packages installation. If you want to discover more about the technical parts of its running: SEMS configurations, transcoding, proxy CSCF, interrogating CSCF, proxy CSCF etc., or if you have specific questions on how the Diameter-connection has to be modified or what the low-balancing on the configuration is, you are welcome to keep up with the video presentation given by Carsten Bock at the Kamailio World.

On the other hand, you may also be curious about how the user-authentication takes place, what the role of the dispatcher list in the calls defining process is or simply which principles lie in the trigger point operation. Get acquainted with the rich world of Kamailio and discover the diversity of network engines by watching the CEO of ng-voice GmbH illustrating the setup and installation of VoLTE with Kamailio to the broad audience.

To discover more about our solutions, visit the webpage https://www.ng-voice.com/657/

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Carsten Bock