80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be video by 2019

Video content accounted for an impressive 64% of all the world’s internet traffic in 2014, but it still growing. By 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic.

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Cisco states that the dramatic increase will not only be driven by the increased popularity of OTT video streaming services, but also by the sheer number of us that will be connected by 2019. Over half the planet (around 3.9 billion people) will have access to the Internet by that time, but the number of devices able to access the web will be 3 times as high as the global population!

This will have a huge impact on video traffic. Cisco predicts that consumer internet video traffic will dominate other types of traffic by 2019, taking a massive 80% share of the global market. The stats for the United States are even more impressive, coming in at 85%. ‘Internet video’ is defined as short-form content (i.e YouTube, Facebook), long-form (i.e. Hulu), Internet-to-TV (i.e Netflix), as well as live-streaming, online rentals and purchases, and webcam views.

“Video traffic is growing exponentially. But it’s not just the quantity of video that matters, it’s the quality of that content too,“ says Thomas Barnett, Jr., director of service provider thought leadership at Cisco. „Over 66% of internet video will be HD quality and nearly 16% will be UHD by 2020. We’re getting better video experiences, but there are also higher requirements and demands for service provider networks to support higher definition content.”

Source: Cisco

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