Fully Containerized Cloud-Native IMS

Our flagship product – our fully containerized and cloud-native IMS – is the first 100% containerized and Kubernetes-based fully-fledged IMS solution for VoLTE/ VoNR with under 25MB of container image size.

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS core)

ng-voice’s fully containerized cloud-native IMS Core is 100% infrastructure-agnostic, and based on microservices. It includes the following components:

Is an edge access function and is the entry point for a UE to request services from an IMS network. This CSCF acts as a proxy by accepting incoming requests and forwarding them to the entity that can service them. Examples of requests include registration and invitation for a multimedia session. ng-voice’s P-CSCF consists of the control component (P-CSCF) and the media handling component (RTP Engine).

Determines which S-CSCF should be assigned for handling the session requested by the UE. The I-CSCF determines the most suitable serving S-CSCF by inspecting the UE capabilities as well as the capabilities of the available S-CSCFs.

Is responsible for conducting both session control and registration, maintaining a full state of the sessions. The S-CSCF enables the network location information of the UE to be available to the HSS.

Aids in routing emergency calls to an appropriate destination, such as a PSAP (Public-Safety Answering Point). PSAPs include policy, fire brigade, and ambulance.

Chooses the network where PSTN/CS breakout happens. The BGCF selects an MGCF (Media Gateway Control Function) when the breakout happens in the same network to interwork with the PSTN/CS network. If the breakout is in another network, the BGCF selects a BGCF/MGCF in the destination network depending on the setup.

Performs the mapping from TEL to SIP URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), providing the means for reachability over an IP-based network. 

4 reasons to choose ng-voice's IMS solutions

4 reasons to choose ng-voice’s IMS

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ng-voice cloud-native ims best volte solution for customers

ng-voice’s fully containerized cloud-native IMS recognized as the Best VoLTE Solution​

Our IMS has been awarded the Best VoLTE Solution Recognition Award within the 6th annual Carrier Community – Global Awards (CCGA), which recognizes innovations and achievements among telecom wholesale operators and ecosystem partners around the globe. The awards competitors were judged by a panel of telecom analysts and experts from the industry.

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