ng-voice works with innovative and entrepreneurial-thinking service providers and enterprises that want to future-proof their services, reducing costs and diversifying their offers.

Our objective. Support service providers and enterprises of ANY sizes in addressing their key challenges and capturing market opportunities.

Mobile Network
Operators (MNO)

Our fully containerized and cloud-native IMS core presents an alternative for MNOs to move to a more flexible infrastructure model, being easily integrated with legacy infrastructure. It allows our customers to reduce costs and improve the time to market of new features and services, keeping innovative and serving new markets like the private networks/IoT business.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

Our solutions are reliable and easy to deploy and manage, giving MVNOs flexibility, automated features, and future-proof network architecture, allowing them to reduce their overall capital and operational expenditure needs, improve their margins, and innovate.

Private Networks

Having minimal resource footprint and being extremely flexible to scale down, our solution is perfect for private network/ enterprise use cases, being ready for 5G.

Who we serve?

Entrepreneurial-thinking MNOs, MVNOs, and private LTE/ 5G networks through partners and system integrators.

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