Amazing VoLTE statistics

The telecommunications industry evolves quickly by using the new standard of wireless communication called LTE. Providing high-speed voice and data services transforms telecom offerings worldwide. Here are some fascinating statistical facts about VoLTE you should know.

The demand for LTE solutions worldwide is driven by global communities seeking an expanded wireless footprint and greater access to the expanded capabilities of VoLTE technologies. The growth outlined speaks to expanding telecom opportunities globally.

Revenues for LTE will soar as high as $997 billion by 2020, with a projected CAGR of 58.2% from 2013-2020.

Source: Allied Market Research

In June 2016 there were 5,614 verified LTE user devices, including frequency and operator variants, from 455 suppliers.

Source: GSA

The Asia Pacific region overtook North America in 2014 to become the region with the largest number of LTE subscriptions.

Source: Budde

The highest LTE penetration is in South Korea, reaching 97% in 2015.

Source: Allied Market Research

1/3 of T-Mobile’s US voice calls are transmitted using VoLTE technology.

Source: Budde

VoLTE increases handset battery life by 40% (compared with VoIP).

Source: Budde

Singapore has the fastest average mobile network speeds in the world, averaging 24 Mbps.

Source: OpenSignal

5G technology is widely discussed all round, however it isn’t expected to drive until 2020. Thus, LTE is here and has huge potential for wireless connectivity.

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Nadiia Gunko