during the last weeks, i’ve been quite busy promoting open-source VoLTE. I’ve been talking about VoLTE at CeBIT this year, a few weeks later, i went to TADHack Mini London(http://tadhack.com/2015/tadhack-mini-london/), where i gave a presentation of VoLTE:

During that presentation, i gave one of our lab-handsets (currently Samsung S5) to the audience to make calls, which really proved the point, that open-source VOLTE works. Unfortunately, there was no Microfone for the audience, so the Q&A session, which was also great, is hardly hearable in the Youtube Video.

Apart from the Presentation, i was also interviewed by James Body of Truphone about the current stuff with VoLTE:

As a direct result of TADHack, we are now running trials of Open-Source VoLTE at various carriers throughout europe. Really nice… 😀

After TADHack, i did a workshop at KamailioWorld about the basic setup and installation of VoLTE with Kamailio:

Later on that conference, i did talk about adding SMS-Functionality (as an IP-SM-Gateway) to our VoLTE-Setup, which is a new feature in the current trunk-Version of Kamailio:

Now it’s back to work, i’ve just updated our own Online-Charging Server and replaced the Java-JBoss-Application with some plain C for great performance.


Thanks & so long.


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Carsten Bock