5G smartphone sales could hit 100 Million in 2021

About 2 billion mobile phones is expected to be sold in 2017, what is 2% more than 2016. Worldwide demand is growing further and almost 10 billion mobile phones are forecasted to be sold over the next 5 years, according to CCS Insight.


Image Source: CCS Insight Mobile Phone Forecast 2017-2021


CCS Insight forecast, that as many as 100 million 5G-capable phones will be shipped in 2021. Of course, this figure represents only a fraction of the total estimated mobile phone sales for the year of 2,08 billion. It is a really significant value because 5G mobile network itself isn’t expected to be available to the public until 2020.


“The mobile phone continues to power one of the most vibrant sectors of the consumer electronics market. Although total shipment volumes will remain largely flat over the next five years, the proportion of smartphones continues to grow and the technology landscape is changing rapidly”.

Marina Koytcheva, VP Forecasting at CCS Insight


Moreover, CCS Insight identifies several regional trends over the next five years. North America is likely to be the largest buyer of 5G smartphones at 40 million phones, followed by 25 million for China, 20 million for the Asia-Pacific region (which includes the markets of South Korea and Japan), and 15 million for Europe.


China is expected to remain the largest overall global market for mobile phones. At the same time, principal growth markets during the forecast period will be Africa, India and some other countries in Southeast Asia. For example, India’s mobile phone market is going to grow 4 percent between 2016 and 2021, which is notably higher than the global average of 1,3 percent.

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Nadiia Gunko