European collaborative research program 5G PPP

The 5G PPP is delivering solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures.

The goals for the 5G Infrastructure PPP

Image Source: 5G PPP


The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership, in short 5G PPP, has been organised as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program – The European Union Program for Research and Innovation. The key challenges for the 5G Infrastructure PPP:

  • Providing 1000 times higher wireless area capacity and more varied service capabilities compared to 2010
  • Saving up to 90% of energy per service provided. The main focus will be in mobile communication networks where the dominating energy consumption comes from the radio access network
  • Reducing the average service creation time cycle from 90 hours to 90 minutes
  • Creating a secure, reliable and dependable Internet with a “zero perceived” downtime for services provision
  • Facilitating very dense deployments of wireless communication links to connect over 7 trillion wireless devices serving over 7 billion people
  • Ensuring for everyone and everywhere the access to a wider panel of services and applications at lower cost


The challenge for the 5G PPP is to secure Europe’s leadership in the areas where Europe is strong or where there is potential for creating new markets such as smart cities, e-health, intelligent transport,  education or entertainment & media. The 5G PPP initiative will reinforce the European industry to successfully compete on global markets and open new innovation opportunities.
The total budget devoted by the public side to the 5G Infrastructure PPP is around €700 million. In addition to this, there is expected the investment of the telecommunications industry, which can be five to ten-times more this amount.

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Nadiia Gunko