5G New Radio

5G New Radio (or simply NR) is a part of ongoing mobile broadband evolution and is called to meet an extreme variation of requirements, supporting diverse devices, services, deployments, and spectrum use. 5G NR is designed to be flexible, forward compatible and ultra-lean.

Image Source: Qualcomm


5G NR promises to make wireless broadband indistinguishable from wireline with fiber-like performance at a significantly lower cost-per bit. But 5G NR will also scale to efficiently connect the massive Internet of Things, and enable new types of mission-critical services which require new levels of latency, reliability and security.


“5G NR is the wireless standard that will become the foundation for the next generation of mobile networks. Whereas 3G and 4G connected people, 5G will connect everything—a unifying connectivity fabric for the next decade and beyond. In other words, you will be seeing 5G NR connectivity in your smartphones, cars, utility meters, wearables and much more.”

Matt Branda, Qualcomm Director of Technical Marketing


Let`s see how 5G New Radio will revolutionize our lives.


Source: Qualcomm


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