4 reasons why you will need Voice over LTE

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) and it is the 4th generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. Here are some facts about VoLTE you should know.

1. High quality voice calls

The biggest advantage of Voice over LTE is high quality voice calls. HD Voice technology provides a possibility to make audio between VoLTE devices clearer with less background noise.

However, you should meet some requirements to make an HD voice call. First of all, you need to use a phone that supports VoLTE service in an area with 4G LTE connection. Secondly, the person on the other side should also meet these requirements to make an high quality voice call.

2. Rich communication services

Due to Voice over LTE, operators will be able to offer a range of communication services such as video calling, real time language translation and video voicemail.

3. Faster call setup time

More network coverage translates into better service. Thus, connecting calls using VoLTE will be much faster than it is today. Voice over LTE gives a chance to reduce a call setup time by a half of average in 2G or 3G.

4. Voice and Data work simultaneously

VoLTE calls doesn’t switch to GSM network. Therefore, when you are downloading a song or a movie from the internet and receive a call, your download won’t stop during the call. Moreover, you can surf the internet while you are on the call.

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Nadiia Gunko